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Compliments and Complaints


To file a compliment or recognize one or more of our employees for providing exceptional service, contact Athens County EMS Headquarters by email at or by telephone at (740) 764-4051. Ask to speak with Chief Amber Pyle or Assistant Chief Randy Crossen Jr. You can send the kudos form via regular post office mail at Athens County EMS, 21 Kenny Drive, Athens OH  45701-9406. You can also fax the kudos form to our headquarters at 740-764-4094. We always enjoy hearing positive comments and accolades about our EMTs and Paramedics! Click the link below to fill out our Kudos form!

Kudos Form


Athens County Emergency Medical Services is committed to providing quality emergency medical care to all individuals who live in, travel through, or visit our county. Our work impacts the quality of life in our community. To show our promise to fairness, all employees are required to uphold our department’s code of ethics, rules, policies, directives, and orders as well as all city, state, and federal laws that relate to their employment.

Introduction to the Complaint System

The citizen complaint system is designed to provide people with a way to express their concerns about EMS service. This system provides a fair, factual, and objective review of an individual’s concern.

How to File a Complaint

First, decide what you think the employee did wrong. For example, do you believe:

  • An EMT or Paramedic was rude to you?
  • The EMS response took too long?
  • You received improper or sub-standard medical care from EMS?

All complaints should be filed within 30 calendar days of the incident, unless there are special circumstances. Complaints filed immediately improve the supervisor’s chance of gathering factual information.

To file a complaint, contact Athens County EMS by one of the following methods:

Telephone: Call (740) 764-4051 during business hours. Ask to speak to a supervisor regarding a complaint. If your complaint requires an immediate response to collect evidence or witness statements, a supervisor will be assigned to this detail as a priority.

In Person: You can file your complaint in person at our Central Administration Offices. We are located at 21 Kenny Drive in Athens and are open between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding government holidays. You can speak directly with a supervisor or complete a citizen complaint form.

Mail/Fax/Email: You can send a written complaint by mail, fax, or email. It is important to include your name, address, and phone number so we can contact you about your concerns.

Athens County EMS
21 Kenny Drive
Athens OH  45701-9406
Fax: (740) 764-4094

Upon reviewing your complaint, the supervisor may be able to explain the employee’s actions to your satisfaction, or refer you to a supervisor who can. If this is the case, the matter will be closed. If your complaint needs to be investigated, and if you have not been contacted within 72 hours, please call (740) 764-4051 to make sure we have your correct contact information.

Investigation of Your Complaint

The investigator will conduct an investigation of the incident and gather written statements from you and witnesses. Your assistance is expected and additional information may be needed.

If the accusation involves possible criminal actions, you will be referred to law enforcement. This does not stop the internal investigation within Athens County EMS, but issues involving possible criminal actions must be handled by the appropriate law enforcement agency and/or the prosecuting attorney’s office.

The outcome of any criminal investigation may direct or alter the internal investigation done by Athens County EMS.

Unfounded and False Complaints

Athens County EMS is committed to investigating concerns of employee misconduct. With that said, EMTs and Paramedics can be targets of unfounded complaints by people who misunderstand how our employees are trained to operate at the scene of an emergency call.

There are also situations that are beyond the control of our EMS crews that may provoke a complaint, such as high water, heavy snow, or a downed tree that prevents rapid response to a 911 call. In situations where our employees followed department policy and medical protocol, or worked through a series of problems that were out of their control to provide emergency medical service, we will attempt to educate you on why something did or did not happen as you expected.

A very small number of complaints have been received, investigated, and proven false. A maliciously false complaint may be grounds for criminal and/or civil legal action. We have a responsibility to inform you that legal redress does exist and that when appropriate, a charge may be filed against those who maliciously file false complaints against Athens County EMS employees.