SURPLUS: 2010 (2000) Ambulance For Sale

Athens County EMS is selling a decommissioned McCoy-Miller ambulance. The vehicle is a remount with the original box built in 2000 and the Ford cab and chassis remounted in 2010. This was the old “5401” backup ambulance at Nelsonville. The vehicle was wrecked and the cab and chassis were replaced in 2010. There are known electrical system issues in the box, primarily with the lights and heating/AC system, but the vehicle does run. Sealed bids are due in the Athens County Commissioners office before 9:30 am on Tuesday February 27th, 2018. If you’d like to see the vehicle before bidding, call EMS headquarters at (740) 592-0196 and schedule an appointment. Maintenance records were kept beginning in January 2011 and are also available if needed. Minimum bid is $1000.  Additional information in the attached file.

BID POSTING (click here): 2010 Ambulance Bid

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