EMS Billing

ems-billingAthens County Emergency Medical Services now contracts with MEDICOUNT in Cincinnati, Ohio for computerized patient care record maintenance and ambulance billing services.

If your EMS run occurred BEFORE June 1, 2018, call Intermedix toll-free at 1-888-798-5834.  Operators are on duty Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm (EST). If you need to fax a document to Intermedix, their direct dial fax number is 614.987.2004.

If your EMS run occurred ON OR AFTER June 1, 2018, call Medicount at 1-888-410-6986. Medicount also maintains an email account for billing inquiries at ptrelations@medicount.com.

Ambulance bills not paid in a timely fashion are referred to CBCS National, a medical billing collections agency.  CBCS National can be reached toll-free at 1.888.281.4491.

Athens County EMS does not participate in “preferred provider” contracts with private insurance companies, where we agree to accept less than the amount of our bill in return for a rapid reimbursement. These arrangements only benefit the insurance companies. Our billable fees reflect 100% of the dollar amount due for our services. All reasonable efforts will be made to bill and collect from third party payers but the patient is ultimately responsible for any amount of the ambulance bill not paid by private insurance.

Please note that Athens County EMS does not maintain patient care records or billing information at our headquarters office or at any of our EMS stations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Billing

Why does EMS bill for services? Why isn’t your service free?

Athens County has several smaller property tax levies that cover about half of the operating expenses for Emergency Medical Services.  Patient billing is used to cover the other half.  With this system, property owners who may never use EMS aren’t stuck paying 100% of the bill, and the patients who need and use EMS aren’t charged exceptionally high rates to cover 100% of our operating expenses.Providing a high quality paramedic-level EMS system that operates 24 hours a day costs money.  Dividing the costs between property owners and users of the system’s resources is the fairest way to insure that EMS is available and always ready to go when needed.  Athens County EMS does not receive any money from the county’s General Fund.

Do you charge for non-transports?

In some cases we do.  A non-transport fee is charged when EMS crews are summoned to assist, evaluate, or treat a patient but transport to a hospital is either refused or is not necessary.  We do not charge for third-party calls (such as a traffic crash) where a passer-by calls 9-1-1 to report the incident  and no one involved in the crash is injured or requested EMS.

Do you accept Medicare and my health insurance?

Yes.  Contact Intermedix at 1-888-798-5834 if your EMS call occurred before June 1, 2018, or Medicount at 1-888-410-6986 if your EMS call occurred on or after June 1, 2018 in the event your third party payers were not contacted before you were billed.  Have your account numbers, insurance cards and policy numbers ready.  Many of these billing issues can be handled quickly over the phone.  Payment plans may be available for any outstanding balances.

What if I want to dispute or question the charges on my bill?

Contact Intermedix at 1-888-798-5834 if your EMS call occurred before June 1, 2018.  Contact Medicount at 1-888-410-6986 if your EMS call occurred on or after June 1, 2018.  Have your account number and other pertinent information available.  The representatives are very helpful in helping identify the origin of certain charges and they can assist in getting third party billing (such as Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation, and private health insurance carriers) set up to pay on your account. Payment plans may be available for any outstanding balances.

My account has been turned over to a collections agency. How do I resolve this?

Our contracted collections agent is CBCS National. They can be reached (toll-free) at 1.888.281.4491. Once an account is in the collections process, all mediation efforts are handled by agents of CBCS National. Do not call Intermedix about collections issues.