Management Team

The Athens County EMS management team consists of our Chief, Assistant Chief, the Training and Compliance Officer, five Captains, and two Lieutenants.

The Chief, Assistant Chief, and the Training and Compliance Officer are on a 40 hour work week with night and weekend on-call responsibilities.

Our Captains and Lieutenants work in the field as Paramedics but have specific management and leadership responsibilities.

A Duty Officer is on call 24 hours a day to manage emergent operational problems. This could include staffing issues, employee call-offs (sick, etc.), complaints, damage to EMS equipment, vehicles, or property, and emergency maintenance issues with ambulances.

To contact the Duty Officer by email, click HERE.

To contact the Duty Officer by telephone for an urgent issue during business hours, call (740) 764-4051.

For nights, weekends and holidays, call the Athens County 9-1-1 Center non-emergency line at (740) 594-6065 and ask to speak with the EMS Duty Officer.  The dispatcher may patch your call directly to the duty officer or they might obtain your name and phone number and have the duty officer return your call.

Administration Contacts: