Employment Information

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Athens County EMS is now accepting applications for part-time EMT and PARAMEDIC positions.

Applications are now being accepted for future openings. Extra hiring points will be awarded for Paramedics, applicants with a college degree, and/or prior experience as an EMT or Paramedic in a 911 EMS system.

Applications may be downloaded and printed from this website by clicking HERE.  Once the application has been completed, please make a copy of your Driver’s license and Ohio EMS certification and bring the application and attachments to EMS Headquarters. The application will need to be notarized.
Our central administration office is located at 36 North Plains Road in The Plains.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, excluding all county holidays.  A resume’ with detailed work experience and any additional education, training, etc. is helpful but not mandatory.

Our new employee screening process was recently overhauled and is now in place. Applications are reviewed and evaluated by a panel of supervisors. A thorough background investigation will take place on all short-list candidates for employment. An interview board meets with selected candidates and the application is reviewed again.

Candidates may be subject to an oral and/or practical skills evaluation as part of the interview process.  Prospective employees who pass the aforementioned evaluations will be scheduled for a physical abilities and fit-for-duty test and for drug testing prior to an offer of employment. Not every candidate that applies will be interviewed.

A mentoring and field training program is also being developed and will be in place to guide and help new employees become acclimated with internal policies, our medical protocol, and the Athens County EMS work environment.

Completed applications can be returned to the Central Administration office at 36 North Plains Road in The Plains, mailed to Athens County EMS, PO Box 310, Athens OH 45701, emailed as a .pdf or Word attachment to apierson@acems.org, or faxed to 740.797.2961.


  • EMT — $9.65/hour
  • Advanced EMT — $10.01/hour
  • Part time Paramedic — $11.21/hour
  • Full time Paramedic — $12.10/hour
  • Full time Floater Paramedic — $12.36/hour

    Please note that full time field positions work a 96 or 120 hour pay period (24 on/48 off work schedule) with built-in overtime. A full time paramedic would be paid $12.10/hour for the first 40 hours worked in a week, then $18.15/hour for every additional hour. The average annual pay for a full time Paramedic is $40,559.20 plus county health and life insurance and OPERS public employee retirement.



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